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Strategies, Skills and Systems: Advanced Medical Education Event for Medical Education Managers

Strategies, Skills and Systems: Advanced Medical Education Event for Medical Education Managers

March, 2024

On one of the last Thursdays before Spring in London’s glitzy Knightsbridge, Miad Healthcare connected over 40 Medical Education Managers (MEMs) at our sold-out inaugural 2024 in-person Advanced Medical Education event.

See a clip of this event below:

Our experience-wealthy team pushed the boundaries of development, connection and enjoyment through training for this vital group within NHS trusts and private healthcare organisations.

Titled ‘Strategies, Skills and Systems’, our passionate team curated an ambitious, forward-looking and immersive agenda for the daylong event. At Miad, we challenge ourselves to raise and maintain bar of interpersonal medical education well above the industry standards. So, we were excited to see how our first in-person event for several years would be received…

“First event attended, and I would be keen for more as it was excellent – thank you!”, said one MEM.

‘’It felt great to be back in person’’.

The Event: Advancing MEMs through insight, reflection and discussion

Medical Education Managers (MEMs) lead the function which is the heartbeat of continued professional development for clinical and non-clinical colleagues including undergraduate and postgraduate trainees across NHS trusts and private organisations.

Against a backdrop of arguably the most critical period in the history of the UK’s healthcare sector, the tone of the day was set by our Chair Elizabeth Brewer. The greatest challenges often present the greatest opportunities.

Careful curation by the Miad team and expert facilitators Dr. Jane Sturgess, Ian Clarke and Professor Elizabeth Hughes culminated in a dynamic and immersive agenda.

Over several interactive sessions, the delegates were shown how to grapple with the pressing issues impacting their effectiveness including:

  • Successfully engaging employees who deliver medical education
  • Effectively retaining and supporting trainees’ health and wellbeing
  • Impactful and persuasive Finance and Business writing skills
  • Using advanced communication skills
  • Understanding and leveraging the new Medical Apprenticeship Model

The structure of the sessions fused facilitated development with open discussion. The modular approach with light breaks gave attendees valuable sharing and networking time which is the cornerstone of the growing community of practice enabled by Miad over two decades.

Development aside, the event shone a light on the inspiring and relentless achievements of the collective group, their trusts and the sector across the UK and beyond.

Medical education facilitator of over 35 years, Ian Clarke reflected on the value of the event saying, “These events are important because they give employees time away from their working environment to reflect, recharge and do things differently.”

Musing over a successful day, Miad Healthcare Managing Director Libby Ryan commented, “So good to see so many familiar faces from across the country in person after years of team calls and virtual meetings!

We had a fabulous group of engaged, motivated, and committed Medical Education Managers and it was a really insightful and inspiring day.”

Our events are meticulously tailored for busy medical professionals who want to maximise meaningful learning with meaningful peer-sharing and networking building.

Miad Healthcare Account Manager Joanne Monk said, “It’s hugely rewarding for us a business when delegates enjoy their experience and feel excited and empowered to implement their learning back in the workplace.”

To find out more about future events including our upcoming Medical Education Co-ordinator Education Day in June, then contact us by calling 01182 287695 or email