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Transitioning back to in-person sessions – Miad Event Planning

Transitioning back to in-person sessions – Miad Event Planning

We successfully helped many trusts pivot to a virtual space during the last two years, but we are excited that several trusts have approached us to plan face-to-face programmes again. Doctors will once again be able to gain a great deal of value from in-person sessions.

If you plan on switching back to face-to-face programmes, we can help deliver larger scale SAS events for trusts and regions from the initial planning stages to delivery. We would work with you to create a bespoke day dedicated to providing the best development opportunity for your SAS doctors.

If you would like a brief overview of how Miad can help you transition back to in-person events, check out the video below:

We appreciate that time and resources can be challenging to find, so what we provide is: 

  • Marketing materials for advertising to your doctors 
  • The creation of a theme/topic for the day 
  • Sourcing of external speakers along with Miad facilitators
  • Booking management 
  • Administration of the event
  • Full technical support if virtual or onsite support on the day if face-to-face 
  • Evaluation and collation of feedback 

Feel free to reach out to if you have any more questions!