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Regional Days

At Miad Healthcare we have been running Regional days for the last few years, covering key subjects including New Appraiser training and CESR to name but a few.

Due to demand, and changes within the NHS for cost effective training for individuals, our regional days have expanded and we are now able offer a much wider range of subjects, and now hold 100+ a year in central locations including London, Birmingham and Manchester.

We have a number of new Training Consultants with specialist skills that have enabled us to expand our portfolio to include courses such as Medical Law and Ethics, Resilience and Mindfulness and Serious Incident Investigations.

There are many benefits in running these types of regional day events. Clinicians are often happier if possible, to train away from their place of work, as this is then more protected/focused time, and offers the opportunity to network with like-minded delegates from other organisations. The majority of our regional days also come with an e-learning element, increasing the CPD points obtained from the day, and allowing for reflective reading and resources after the face to face training.

As well as our core regional days, we are also happy to work in conjunction with trusts and organisations that only have a small number of doctors that may need training in a specific area but would rather have the course run onsite. We can work with you to market your course, and to fill up existing spaces with delegates from the local area – thus saving your organisation both money and time as Miad Healthcare will run the management, organisation and administration of these local events.

So, whether you are an individual that requires training that is currently not being run by your organisation, or you are an organisation that needs a way of training an individual or small group of delegates – we can help.

To view all of our current regional events please click here

We have updated our booking system, and you can now view full information on each course, check available dates and locations and book and pay online to secure your place.

Do let us know if there are any topics that you think may have value when run regionally, or if you are an organisation that would like to book training using our regional approach.

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What Our Clients Say...

  • Ruth Frost, Provider Development Lead/Advisor, Health London Partnerships, NHS England. - Miad were a pleasure to work with, engaging, perceptive and flexible to the changing needs as the programme rolled out. They engaged well with the wide range of General Practice
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