Leadership for Emerging Clinical Directors (PCNs/INTs)


Location: Multiple

Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm (All sessions)

Date Content Location
November 23rd 2022 Requirements of the CD Role: Personal Development Live Webinar
December 7th 2022 Skill development Live Webinar
January 11th 2023 Requirements of the CD Role: Resourcing and Board/Team Development Live Webinar
February 23rd 2023 Skill Development: Growing motivated and enabled staff Live Webinar
March 14th 2023 Requirements of the CD Role: Wider context – effective stakeholder management Live Webinar
April 21st 2023 Skill and knowledge Development: Digitalization, commercial and political awareness
Live Webinar

This highly interactive and engaging programme focuses on the knowledge, personal development and leadership skills that underpin the Clinical Director Role for PCNs ([based on own, practice, borough, regional and ICS requirements) and will provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully deliver the health requirements for the local population.

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