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What we do
Organisational Development for PCN’s

Miad have worked with Federations and Practices to understand their challenges, explore their opportunities, and support creation of longer term strategies. By working closely to manage events that prepare for primary care networks, Miad provides advice and consultancy from board development to operational solutions.

Board development has included facilitation of board meetings, identifying key outcomes and deliverables, addressing board capabilities in line with their vision and to move in line with the NHS Long Term Plan and changes to primary care infrastructure.

Working at Scale

Miad have delivered large Working at Scale programmes across London, identifying a vision for the future. Through the programme we explore understanding risk and governance, commissioning at scale, engaging with stakeholders, making best use of manpower and resources, writing effective business cases and financial planning.

GP Practice Resilience

Miad’s diverse team of facilitators that can help practices during transformation, by scoping needs and delivering interventions to help practices move forward. The interventions range from conflict management, team building and coaching skills to solution-focused operational skills.

Clinical Director Mentoring Leadership

A key position in new PCN networks, the role of the Clinical Director will require support to ensure success and delivery of outcomes. Miad can support this position by offering workshops that identify short and long-term skills and knowledge, mentoring and coaching support.

Improving Patient Safety – Revalidation for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

Miad Healthcare have delivered workshop sessions for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians based around reflection and peer discussion. Through the programme we highlight the importance, rational, requirements and processes of revalidation, review the CPD requirements by addressing both planned and unplanned learning and work on developing the delegates skills and knowledge to ensure that the outcome is positive, as well as managing challenging situations.

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If you would like more information on this service please make an enquiry and one of our team members will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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What we do

Meet our GP Transformation Team

Julie Thompson - Management Consultant
Julie Thompson Picture

Work involves helping GP practices to improve their processes through action learning sets, one to one coaching, education and training.

A professional and experienced management consultant with substantial experience of high profile programme implementations.

A reputation for strong leadership and communication skills have resulted in an impressive track record of success across the management spectrum, with particular expertise in board development within the health sector, including primary care and the effective delivery of process and cultural change. Having worked in a pressured and challenging environment for 25+ years, Julie’s understanding of the management of change and strategic communication in a developmental and cultural context, has been consistently demonstrated across her broad portfolio of skills and is further evidence of a polished individual, whose skills are readily transferable to a wide range of Leadership roles and specialist subject areas.

Liz Brewer Picture

Work involves helping GP practices to improve their processes through action learning sets, one to one coaching, education and training, audit and evaluation.

Liz is currently responsible for Miad Healthcare’s learning, development and consultancy strategy. As a highly motivated training consultant with experience across both private and public sectors (including primary and secondary care) she specialises in healthcare management and leadership development.

This includes accountability of the Responsible Officer programme for NHS England, delivery of the appraisal service for doctors, overseeing the quality assurance of all educational programmes – clinical education, personal and strategic development and ensuring the content of bespoke training solutions is current, engaging and meets the clients needs. As a consultant she works closely with organisations on strategy development to improve quality improvement and patient safety.

Carol Barnes Picture

Work entails supporting the Senior Appraiser team for NHS England (Central Midlands) to develop and promote their local GP support networks.

Carol is a psychologist and facilitator and has worked with doctors since 1999. Her experience includes appraisal skills training, review of appraisal systems for GPs and Hospital Consultants, competency framework development for both corporate and public sector, selection and recruitment design.

Her current work of mindfulness and resilience has been well received by the Fire Service. Piloted by NHS England as a Non Medical Appraiser, Carol received praise indeed, particularly with struggling GPs. Currently Advisor Consultant to the Senior Appraiser team for NHS England (Central Midlands), working with the team to develop and promote GP support networks across the region.

Kate Bunyan Picture

Work entails managing change facilitation for Primary Care Networks, Supporting GPs, Federations and other Models of Care and development of leadership competencies for Clinical Directors.

Kate has been a qualified doctor since 2002. Having followed a “portfolio” medical career Kate has developed a range of leadership and management skills alongside her clinical role in Emergency Medicine. She currently splits her time between Clinical Director for Unscheduled Care at Western Sussex NHS Foundation Trust and Medical Director for Miad.

Kate spent over 7 years as Medical Director for P&O Cruises and Cunard where she led on a variety of change management programmes in the UK and internationally. She has worked with multi-disciplinary teams covering acute, occupational and public health medicine. She set up and managed the appraisal and governance systems that underpin revalidation and held the position of Responsible Officer. She now uses the knowledge and skills she developed in this commercial environment to inspire those working within the NHS to tackle leadership head-on.

For the last year Kate has been facilitating courses for Miad on everything from service redesign through to appraisal and is now engaged in coaching and mentorship work. She has a focus on Primary Care Networks, supporting GPs and Federations to navigate this significant change successfully as well as providing leadership expertise for the newly appointed Clinical Directors.

Caroline Cutliffe Picture

Work entails supporting GP practices and working with them on topics including teambuilding, conflict resolution and managing anger.

Caroline is an experienced and successful Talent and Organisational Development Consultant, with a proven track record in management and professional development, across a number of diverse and complex industries, including the NHS and private healthcare organisations. She is able to generate new ideas and use tactical thinking to deliver fast results. Caroline is a strong believer in the power of networking for creating opportunities and strategic and long term relationships.

Caroline has designed and delivered a number of L&D and management programmes including: Building Powerful Business Relationships, Influencing Others, Managing Self and Stress, Building your Personal Brand, Managing Performance, Circle Management Development Programme, Effective Communication, Multicultural Awareness and Mentoring for Managers. She has also overseen the Implementation of executive academies for senior management groups and Talent Boards in global organisations.

Alec Fitzsimons Picture

Work involves supporting the development of GP networks and board development.

Alec is a highly experienced HRD Professional with 20 years of public and private sector consultancy experience in Canada, Europe and the USA. He is capable and competent to work at both organisational, team and individual levels.

Alec has both designed and delivered a range of extensive training programmes for both national and multinational organisations, around topics including personal effectiveness, global behavior change/ competency and Commercial Commissioning Skills.

He has worked with a range of Boards both in the commercial and healthcare sector, as well as delivering a range of leadership, management and coaching training. His focus is on helping boards/ senior managers to develop strategies, helping teams across all levels to function better as a whole, and how to best manage change.

Marie Franklin Picture

Work involves helping GP practices to streamline their processes, procedures, staffing and services.

Marie is an Operations Director working with five practices collaboratively in West London, to streamline their processes, procedures, staffing and services but at the same time ensuring that patient care is paramount in everything they do.

Marie has also worked as a consultant doing resilience work with practices, helping practices that have had poor CQC inspections, dealing with specific issues within their practices as well as team building events.

Marie also organises and presents at GP Masterclasses, PM Forums and Admin/Receptionist development events. Marie has written competency books for reception/admin staff which have been adopted throughout the country by many CCG’s and many GP practices.

Marie is also a tutor on the LMC’s Practice Manager Development Programme.

Marie has qualifications in Employment Law and Health and Safety.

Steve Holloway Picture

Work involves supporting teams to recognise the behaviours that get in the way of high performance through team coaching, facilitation and leadership skills interventions.

Steve is an experienced Leadership Development Consultant and Team Coach as well as working as an Executive Coach and Facilitator. Steve has and MSc in Executive Coaching from Ashridge Business School and over 15 years experience in the corporate sector running successful teams in Engineering, Marking Innovation and Learning and Development.

He has worked with a range of Boards both in the commercial and healthcare sector, including a number of Federation Boards, as well as delivering a range of leadership development programs across the wider NHS. His focus is on helping teams recognise the behaviours that get in the way of high performance through a team coaching, team facilitation and leadership skills interventions.

Gill Rogers Picture

Work involves helping GP practices to improve their processes through action learning sets, one to one coaching, education and training, audit and evaluation.

Gill is a Registered Nurse who has worked across hospital, community and primary care settings in a variety of roles and organisations. She is a BA RN (Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh) and has an MSc in Management Development and Social Responsibility (Bristol University) and is a CEDR accredited mediator.

Gill has worked with a variety of organisations of different size and purpose but predominantly primary and community care organisations. However, she is involved in London regional work, seeking and developing leadership in London’s General Practice Nurses (GPNs) and is working with STP leads to do this. Gill also works closely with voluntary organisations which enhance the patient and carer experience.

As Programme Director for a London based GP membership organisation, Gill developed and delivered 3 foundation training programmes for Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Practice Managers new to General Practice leading to the courses being professionally and academically accredited. Participants were equipped through the blended learning programmes, experiential learning and project submissions, with the knowledge and skills to work in a General Practice setting.

More recently Gill has been working with a client on improving processes within GP practices. This has involved multidisciplinary teams as well as voluntary sector colleagues. She has used a number of techniques to deliver this programme, action learning sets, one to one coaching, education and training, audit and evaluation. The programme has been working closely voluntary sector colleagues to co-design support for services. The early signs are that the voluntary sector has so much to offer general practices and the leadership needed to do this is developing and getting engaged. The programme has been externally evaluated and the impacts that the programme have produced have been acknowledged and widely shared.

Libby Ryan Image

Work entails overseeing and project managing Miads work with GP practices and GP Federations.

Libby has a strong Project Management background for 20+ years. Libby runs the day to day operations within Miad Healthcare and has a passion and drive to see projects through to a successful end. Libby really enjoys developing and maintaining excellent client relationships, with internal and external clients and their assignments.

Libby and Miad Healthcare completed a Managing Change project for Healthy London Partnerships 2017-2018 (GPs – Working at Scale). GP’s and their teams and commissioners were invited to attend to discuss and understand the GP year Forward View and the vision and benefits for GP’s to work at scale. The project was key to the strategy of long-term sustainable transformational change to identify and work through barriers and challenges by learning and applying leadership models.

Libby and the Miad team are currently working on a South West London Primary Care Resilience programme 2018/19 to identify the issues and challenges of a number of GP practices that impact on their resilience and sustainability. This may be potentially as a result of mergers, resulting in a need for OD support as part of the change management process and supported by the GP Forward View (NHS England, April 2016). Miad are working closely with practices so that they are better placed to tackle the challenges they face now and into the future, and secure continuing high quality care for patients.

Libby and the Miad team are also working with a GP Federation on Strategy and Board Development.

Pamela Strange Picture

Work involves supporting GP Practices to achieve compliance, and the development of Patient Care Networks and Federation organisational development.

Pam is an experienced registered nurse skilled in all areas of patient safety, clinical governance and quality improvement and having worked in both nurse and general healthcare education. For over a decade, she worked as Director of Clinical Governance in a large, complex and financially challenged organisation, leading on the embedding of patient safety and quality improvement systems and change management at all levels of the organisation.

Over the past 18 months, Pam has worked supporting GP Practices in achieving compliance with CQC standards and offering pre CQC visits and advice, organisational development and quality improvement. Currently involved in GP training, the development of Patient Care Networks and Federation organisational development.

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