At Miad Healthcare we have a core team of staff with years of experience in the industry, along with an outstanding and steadily growing group of facilitators, who are all experts in their field. They help us to provide timely and relevant content for the healthcare market, and keep up to date with the changes and legislation involved.

With over 25 years in the business, we have delivered and managed projects to over 400 organisations across the country, and pride ourselves on the relationships that we build with our clients, as well as the content that we deliver.

David Barker

Chairman – David has over 30 years’ experience, leading and directing training and educational businesses in the UK, Europe, China and Australia. As such, he brings a wealth of guidance and support to the management team as they continue to develop and deliver exceptional training content to the private and public healthcare sectors.

Libby Ryan Image
Libby Ryan

Managing Director – Libby has worked in the L & D market for over 20 years. Because of her wide ranging experience including content provision, project management, operations management and general management she was appointed Managing Director in 2017. Her breadth of knowledge and focus on delivering great customer service is core to the achievement of our business goals and ambitions.

Liz Brewer Picture
Liz Brewer

Head of Learning and Development – Liz has been working with Miad since 2007. As a consultant and facilitator with experience in both the private and public sector, she specialises in leadership, appraisal and revalidation in the health sector. Her vision is to create and promote quality by working closely with organisations to understand their needs and deliver timely solutions.

Kevin Murphy Picture
Kevin Murphy

Head of Finance – Kevin has 20 years’ experience in finance and his main role is to ensure that the company’s books balance. Anything to do with numbers falls on his desk!

Lyn Major Picture
Lyn Major

Head of Digital Technology – Lyn has been involved in digital technology for over 25 years and has an indepth knowledge of hi-tech learning systems and content delivery platforms. Lyn ensures that all our online systems are up to date, secure and fully operational at all times.

Joanne Monk Picture
Joanne Monk

Account Manager – Jo manages and works with a number of regions across the country to help them to create and deliver the most effective training for their organisations. Jo also runs our marketing campaigns, and has now worked within the business for over seven years.

Mary Mansell Picture
Mary Mansell

Client Relationship Manager – Mary works with our clients from first contact right through to the end to ensure that our workshops and events runs smoothly, and achieve the client’s key learning objectives. She has been involved in a wide variety of learning programmes, from single workshops, to fully planned programmes that run over the course of a year.

Caroline Dodgson Picture
Caroline Dodgson

Training Coordinator – Caroline has 15 years of experience in training administration, and is responsible for coordinating our team of facilitators and dealing with the administration and smooth running of all of our workshops and events.

Allison Keen Picture
Alison Keen

Training Coordinator – Ally manages and coordinates our appraisal service, overseeing the process from start to finish. She also looks after the quality assurance for appraisal and revalidation projects, and is very organised, with a keen eye for detail.

Laura Mason Picture
Laura Mason

Training Coordinator – Laura’s primary function is to manage all e-learning and blended projects for clients, providing regular reporting and coordinating the projects with our clients. Laura is also responsible for the smooth running of our hugely popular regional days, and with over six years experience in the business, is a key member of the training team.