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Are Your Appraisal and Revalidation Processes Up to Date?

Are Your Appraisal and Revalidation Processes Up to Date?

Change is a constant in the healthcare sector and since the pandemic, many trusts are still adapting to new ways of working. When it comes to appraisal and revalidation, some organisations have moved to remote appraisals, others are questioning whether their policies are still up to date. Given the focus on patient safety and organisational culture, now is a good time to consider a quality check.

Being prepared and proactive around appraisal and revalidation policy not only demonstrates good practice, it also helps to mitigate any risks or issues that may emerge in the future. So, rather than worry about how strong your policies are, why not have your appraisal and revalidation processes externally quality assured?

Be prepared

At Miad Healthcare we offer a confidential, consultative service to quality assure your appraisal and revalidation process.  Our service includes a review in line with GMC guidance that highlights what an organisation is already doing well, and provides recommendations as to where improvements can be made. As well as offering peace of mind knowing you have robust processes and system in place, the service means you will be well prepared for inspections by the CQC and NHS England.

How does the service work?

Once you’ve engaged Miad Healthcare, we’ll work to your timescales to conduct the review and present results and recommendations. The process typically takes three months but this is flexible as each audit is different.

The whole process is confidential and consultants sign an NDA to provide assurance of privacy. Our consultants, all of whom are experienced experts in their field and selected according to client needs, will:

  • Review completed appraisal portfolios.
  • Review relevant policies for appraisal, revalidation and for managing concerns.
  • Conduct structured interviews with the key team including the Responsible Officer (RO), appraisers and appraisal administrator.
  • Map good practice against Core Revalidation Standards (NHS England, 2014)
  • Produce a detailed report highlighting areas of good practice and recommendations for improvement.
  • Present findings to the board.
  • Provide electroniccopies of the report.

Following the QA process, your organisation will have a roadmap to refining and strengthening existing policies, systems, and processes. Our aim is to provide confidence and reassurance around the appraisal and revalidation process, and to ultimately drive changes that improve patient safety.

Why Miad Healthcare?

Whether your organisation is a large trust, a small trust with minimal HR infrastructure,  a newly designated body, or a private organisation, Miad Healthcare can bring rigour and confidence to your appraisal and revalidation process.

For more than 25 years, we have been working with healthcare providers in the public and private sectors to assess, report, and deliver recommendations to improve appraisal and revalidation processes. Having been commissioned by NHS England to deliver training, we have trained over 2000 RO’s and their teams and so we fully understand the requirements of robust systems and processes.

As CQC and NHS England inspections have resumed, now is a great time to quality check your appraisal and revalidation processes. If you’d like to have an initial discussion about our service, please get in touch on 0118 9036 363 or email