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A Winning Team of Trainers

A Winning Team of Trainers

From medical appraisals and supporting IMGs to managing neurodiversity and coaching on social media.  Miad Healthcare can deliver a wide range of courses because of our trainers.

Our fantastic team of trainers comprises senior clinicians, medical educators, executive coaches, and experienced specialist subject matter experts, meaning we can provide training on any aspect of the healthcare industry.

Collaborating with clinicians

Clinicians will always have a key role to play in training for the clinical environment. We know medical professionals welcome empathy, mutual respect, and common ground from working with peers. Bolster this knowledge with the real-life experiences, commercial view, and training style of non-clinical expert facilitators, and you have a winning team of trainers.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of them and their areas of expertise.

Dr Catherine Hood

Medical practitioner, moderator and coach

Catherine qualified in medicine from the University of Oxford and subsequently lectured for several years at the Oxford Medical School in Communication Skills. Catherine is an experienced broadcaster and writer as well as still practicing medicine at a central London NHS trust. Having combined her medical background with communication skills to become an experienced international moderator, presenter and coach, Catherine connects with delegates on a number of levels.

Read more about Catherine

Jo Byfleet

Medical educator

Jo is a practising GP who delivers our training for appraisal, appraisal refresher, clinical and educational supervision, trainees in difficulty, conflict resolution, working in the UK, and remote supervision. Jo has been a GP since 2008 and has always had an interest in education, becoming a programme director for GP training once she had qualified. Jo delivers many of our core courses here at Miad.

Meet Jo Byfleet

Simon Shepard

Wellbeing expert

Simon is a physiotherapist, and over the last 30 years, he’s worked with people and their organisations on personal health, well-being, and performance. Through his work, Simon became aware of how much of a blind spot wellbeing is to some medical professionals who focus on the physical. Simon runs courses for Miad on all aspects of well-being for medical professionals, an area of self-care that is essential to success, balance, and resilience.

Learn more about wellbeing in the medical profession

Pam Strange

Director of Clinical Governance

Pam is a registered nurse and educationalist by background. She has worked in the NHS for her whole career, including 10 years as director of clinical governance in a very large London trust. Pam delivers our course in the areas of clinical governance, including quality improvement, patient safety, and clinical audit. Looking proactively at quality improvement opportunities is a key area of focus for many of the trusts we work with.

Find out more about our clinical governance training

Martin Smith

Trainer and facilitator

Martin is a highly experienced trainer and facilitator. At Miad, he runs communication skills training for all levels of clinicians, covering common difficulties such as how to have a conversation with my boss about how the department’s being run. Or how do I give performance feedback to a member of my team? As well as how to be more assertive and how to have difficult conversations. In the clinical environment, effective communication is critical.

Meet Martin Smith

Alison Freer

Leadership coach

Alison is a leadership coach who works with healthcare leaders, including doctors, consultants, GPs, nurses, and non-clinical leaders. She also works in other sectors, including corporate, higher education, government, and civil service. Alison’s varied experience means she’s well equipped to work with leaders in high-stakes environments such as healthcare.

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The benefits of diversity

At Miad Healthcare, our courses are designed and delivered by exceptionally experienced clinicians, educationalists, and specialists. For example, our new Neurodiversity Awareness for Supervisors course has been designed with neurodiversity expert Daljeet Singh, who worked closely with Jo Byfleet, a practising GP, who will lead the delivery of the course.  At Miad Healthcare, we’re proud of and grateful for the diverse mix of trainers and skills that we have in our community.

You can meet more of our team here: