Did You Know we also Train Dentists?

Did You Know we also Train Dentists?

Over more than 25 years, Miad Healthcare has worked with thousands of medical healthcare professionals, developing and delivering high-quality training. But it may surprise you to know that we also offer training for dentists. Over the past 18 months we’ve significantly expanded our offering for dental care professionals based on demand from our clients.

Take a look at some of our courses below which cover:

  • Appraisal and supervision
  • Leadership and management
  • Personal and organisational development

In addition to our standard programmes, we also work with dental providers to develop bespoke workshops to meet specific training needs. Please get in touch with us if you have a training need that isn’t included below.

Appraisal and supervision skills

Educational Appraisal of the ES and Quality Assurance for Dental Education

  • Guidance on delivering quality assurance for dental education.
  • Quality assurance of training locations.
  • Empowering Educational Supervisors as enablers of quality assurance.
  • Managing quality in practice for example, handling resistance and difficult conversations.

Advanced Supervision Skills for Dental Trainers

  • Understand the dental trainer’s role when supporting a trainee in difficulty.
  • Increase awareness of the signs that may present with a trainee in difficulty.
  • Feel equipped to recognise and respond when additional support is required
  • Feel confident in providing constructive feedback and addressing professionalism concerns.

Enhanced Dental Education Supervision

  • Explore the ES experience of the quality of FDs beginning their career development.
  • Engage in ‘Chair-side’ supervision in the learning environment.
  • Improve reflective practice skills in trainees.
  • Empower dental trainees through constructive feedback.

“The supervision training was thought provoking regarding the differences between learning and communication styles and different generations. There were useful tips for considering the situation, behaviour and impact.”

Enhanced Dental Education Supervision workshop participant

Leadership and management

Managing Conflict and Courageous Conversations

  • Reflection on challenges of giving difficult feedback to trainees.
  • Identifying potential underlying factors behind a trainee’s suboptimal response to feedback.
  • Applying coaching concepts and approach to deepen awareness and empathy.
  • Knowledge of what psychological safety is, and its importance.

Mentorship Programme – Webinar

  • Understand the impact of judgement.
  • Explore the art of listening and ‘e-mentoring’.
  • Introduction to mentoring framework.
  • Embedding a mentoring culture.

Personal Development Planning in your trainee– Live Webinar

  • Understand the purpose and responsibilities of a mentor in guiding the learner.
  • Review the nature of the mentoring relationship and how it evolves.
  • Examine key developmental areas from the PDP and how best to discuss these.
  • Reflective practice and how trainees gain insight.

“The trainer was very engaging and I found it really useful to speak to other participants. The workshop really made me think about the educational agreement and the best way of giving feedback.”

Enhanced Dental Education Supervision programme participant

Personal and organisational development

Inclusive Leadership: Educational Supervisors as Custodians of Dental Excellence

  • Why inclusive leadership is essential to enabling entrustment in dental education.
  • The importance of psychological safety in educational supervision.
  • The risks of confirmational biases in supervisory dynamics.
  • Appreciating diversity of thinking styles as an educational supervisor.

Planning, Learning and Reflection for Dental Educators

  • Lead a short workshop for dental trainees to encourage them to reflect on their practice.
  • Understand how to lead effective well-planned reflective discussions with trainees.
  • Discuss the importance of providing feedback in an environment for learning.
  • Apply a simple model for providing feedback to help trainees gain insight.

“The advanced skills workshop was very engaging and informative with good group discussions and acknowledgement of the delegates’ training requirements.”

Advanced Supervision Skills for Dental Trainers workshop participant

Why Miad Healthcare?

As with all Miad programmes, our training is delivered by a wide range of exceptionally experienced clinicians, educationalists and specialists. Our track record and success are proven by our 25 years of experience working with thousands of doctors and dentists to develop and deliver high-quality training.

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