How Confident, Compassionate NHS Leaders Help Reduce Stress

How Confident, Compassionate NHS Leaders Help Reduce Stress

Is the NHS over-managed or under-managed? Since the 1980s when management roles were first introduced, the debate has been ongoing. One of the problems with questioning the level of ‘management’, is that we focus on managers and leaders as job titles, rather than managing or leading as a behaviour.

Although the number of managers may have been reduced in recent years, most clinical and non-clinical roles in healthcare need leadership and management behaviours, especially in the current climate where stress and burnout are commonplace.

The NHS has only 2% of its employees in senior leadership positions, significantly below the national workforce average of 9.5%. This has led to claims it is vastly undermanaged. But, from trainees through SAS, Consultants and Clinical Directors, every one of these clinical roles requires soft skills in order to deliver the best outcomes for colleagues, patients and their families. And, unlike within clinical training, there is no standardised path for training managers and leaders in the NHS or healthcare profession.

Good leadership and its effect on stress

A recent NHS staff survey highlighted the level of stress present in the workforce with 46.8% of staff stating they have felt unwell as a result of work-related stress. The stress that healthcare workers find themselves under compromises their own wellbeing, and can also impact the wellbeing of patients.

In fact, an NHS staff survey with a wide range of outcome data suggests that strong staff engagement is associated with improved patient experience, higher inspection scores and lower infection and mortality rates. Therefore, we can safely draw the conclusion that good management and leadership skills are beneficial to outcomes for staff and patients.

There is a wealth of leadership and management skills within the NHS, and we are proud to be able to support doctors in key areas including:

  • Building resilience and assertiveness
  • Team working
  • Setting goals and providing feedback
  • Dealing with bullying and harassment
  • Time and stress management
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Leading change
  • Managing conflict

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